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 Troubleshooting: Tips for your DSL Connection

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PostSubject: Troubleshooting: Tips for your DSL Connection   Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:20 am

You don’t need to be a Technical Expert to check your DSL connection. This will teach you a firsthand troubleshooting for your DSL connection. Follow the simple steps to common problems, it is usually associated with the Indicator lights on the front of the modem.

The name of the light varies depending on the modem you are using. So make sure to read each step carefully to make sure you correctly diagnose the problem you are experiencing. If you continue to have trouble after going through this short guide, feel free to call 181 to resolve your issues.

POWER light is NOT ON

· Check the power connection at the back of the modem (small black connector) is plugged in. It is a small box usually called AC/DC adaptor much like your cellphone charger.
· Make sure the power adapter is plugged into the UPS or AC outlet.
· Check if the UPS AC chord is plugged into wall.
· Check if the UPS has an output power.
· Check and see if the switch on the side of the UPS is turned on.
· Try a different wall plug-in.
· If all of the following steps fail call Technical Support for further troubleshooting.

LAN/Ethernet light is NOT ON

· Check and make sure the Ethernet cable (Cable could be Blue, Yellow or Gray) is plugged in correctly into the Ethernet Port on the back of the modem.
· Make sure the other end of Ethernet cable is connected into your computer Ethernet Card.
· Check if the Modem LAN or the computer Ethernet card light ON, if not make sure the cable if its securely fit to the port or check the ethernet cable if it has damage.
· If this light does not come on call Tech Support.

DSL/WAN/Line light is NOT ON

  • Power reset the modem by resetting the power button or unplugging the power cable for 30sec and then switch ON, if the light does not come on after resetting the modem proceed to the next step.
  • Make sure there are no cuts in any of the phone cables.
  • The phone jack that the DSL modem is plugged into may have a DSL filter connected to it. It is very important that the computer is plugged into the DSL side of the filter. It is easy to tell if you are connected to the ride side. It should either say the words "DSL" or have a little picture of a computer right above the jack. If you are plugged into the side that says "Phone" or has a picture of a phone, you should switch the plug over to the other jack.
  • The connection from the spot marked LINE on the power bar should go to the spot marked DSL on the Line Filter.
  • The line filter should be plugged into a wall jack.
  • After checking these connections and the DSL light is still not on try these steps.

    • Try bypassing the power bar by unplugging the phone cable from the spot marked EQUIP on the power bar and then plugging it into the spot marked DSL on the Line filter.
    • Next try bypassing the Line Filter by unplugging the phone cable from the filter and plugging it into the wall jack.
    • Check to see if there is dial-tone by plugging a phone into the phone jack if there is no dial-tone then try plugging DSL modem into a different wall jack if possible.

  • After checking all the above steps and the DSL light is still not on please call tech. support.

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Troubleshooting: Tips for your DSL Connection
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